For Schools

I can provide sessions within the school day, or alternatively workshops that can run alongside the curriculum.

Each session would be structured to suit the needs of the participants, according to their Key Stage level.

All the courses support National Curriculum in both literacy and numeracy.

Private tuition

These courses are designed for individual students or small groups, according to their specific personal needs.

The courses are mainly for beginners or intermediate level students.

Please contact me for further information.

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Lessons are formulated, using:

  1. a wide range of audio and video teaching materials

  2. fairy tales and bilingual books

  3. songs and games

  4. a multi-sensory approach

  5. recording facilities for self-assessment and progress monitoring

  6. real life conversational materials

My classes are:

  1. fun

  2. lively

  3. informative

  4. interactive

  5. flexible

  6. cross-curricular

With plenty of practice in the four essential skills:

Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing

I am:

  1. a qualified and passionate teacher of languages

  2. constantly updating my knowledge and skills

  3. encouraging

  4. patient and supportive

I believe that in providing a flexible, individual teaching method to students this will ultimately help them to achieve their goals.